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A correctly installed gutter system will increase the efficiency of water transfer to the drainage system. This helps maintain house structure by eliminating problems often caused by leaking or badly positioned gutters. Our options include a choice between directing rain water underground or recycling it for use. Installation is completely in-house and no contracting to outside companies or individuals. Our stakeholder approach involves the customer from the beginning on important matters: budgeting, lengths, type, colours, quality and etc. We value every client regardless of size and continual customer satisfaction is achieved through participation in learning programs, conferences and industrial training locally oversees.

My Gutters prides themselves in speedy, efficient and safe installation of gutters of different types, and sizes through young, energetic and dynamic staff and our gutters are guaranteed for 15 years.

We understand very well that change is taking place every time in all industries including ours. Working with us exposes the customers to all latest trends in the market as well as profound experience amassed over the years. Our industry experience and focus on new trends are well blended to give our clients trending quality work at exceptional prices.

Customer piece of mind during installation is valuable to us. Our installation process is bench marked by local and international safety standards and although the gutters are manufactured onsite at customer premises, the end product is the result of careful planning done prior to the site visit.




We feature different gutter choices catering for your different needs.


Gutter Connection to Water Tanks




Onsite Gutter Assembly